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Adult mask type YW-B01

Product features:

Its main content is non-toxic medical polymer materials .Mask is made of soft non-toxic medical PVC material ,design to suit adult’s(children’s)face,comfortable to wear ,close to but will not stimulate the skin .Mouthpiece configuration reduces attachment of drug fog in the face and makes the inhalation therapy more fresh and cool.
It is compatible with various types of JingKangYu compression type atomizers,and is suitable for use for oxygen gas source in hospital center. 
6ml storage amount ,compact and convenient .No liquid leakage when the cup body is inclined or inverted
YW-B01、B02with standard mask can be 360 degrees freely rotated to suit different body parts of patients.
YW-B03with special oblique mouthpiece has check valve function with small air resistance,easy for drug delivery ,but also can save the medicine to avoid waste .

se by single patient to avoid cross infection .
uggested longest use period of not more than 15 days.
his product is not heat resistant, do not boil ,but can be soaked for disinfection.